I started Elevated Mount & Balance to try to help fill a need.

  Speaking with people I found a common complaint in the area that it was hard to get a tire change appointment, especially around mud season.

They don’t really need new tires, they just want a quick swap and balance of the ones they already own. Others did need tires and  wanted to buy their tires online but still need to have them mounted and balanced but can’t do it themselves. For some their Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) light is on but, it cost way too much to replace the sensors.

I offer the services that most of us need done, from mounts and balances to tire rotations and TPMS troubleshooting, programming and replacement. 

And with time comes change, I am Welcoming Hayden Tire to provide the addition of tire sales, repairs, studding and wheel sales.

If you need help with or have a question about scheduling you can call

(970) 291-1428 

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